Already doing virtual stylist or customer service calls?

The same great service you are providing will translate well to using Hi Touch. The main difference is that your associates will be using your website as an assisted selling tool. We have layered a showroom on top of your website so associates will need to be trained on how to use the showroom and video in connection with your website.
To start a shopping session, Associates can log into Hi Touch or use the links provided in the calendar appointment provided when the customer books time with them.

Just getting started?

Identify the associates that know your brand and your website. You want this person to represent the authentic voice of your brand.

Here is a basic training process you can use with your associates

Teach them how to efficiently navigate and use the websites. For example, search, filter, menus and breadcrumbs.

Be helpful and friendly but don’t drag out the call. Customers want service, personality and efficiency in their online interactions with you.

Understand the Hi Touch workflow

> Customers book time based on your availability settings
> Hi Touch automatically sends a calendar invite to both parties
> Associate has to allow the customer to join the session
> Co-shopping and video chat
> Check out.