Visit the live page you created using Create Booking Form. Select a date and time, select an associate, and fill out the booking form as a ‘test’ user.

You should receive a confirmation email.

Next, sign into your Hi Touch Admin account. You should see the session you just created with the test customer.

Click Open Session for the associate. 

For the Customer, go to the confirmation email you received to your test user and open the invite link in a new browser window.

You should have two browser windows open at this point, one for the “Associate”, and one for the “Customer”.

When both users join, you will enter into a Hi Touch session on the website where you installed Hi Touch.

We recommend you test these features prior to conducting sessions with a real customer:

  1. Use the default video features to turn on/off camera and mic
  2. Click Add to Showroom in the associate view, then navigate the site in another tab to add items to the showroom. 
  3. Open the showroom as the customer and try out the features of the showroom, such as creating line breaks and rearranging items. 
  4. As the Associate, open Checkout for the customer. 
  5. In the associate view start Co-shopping. The customer will need to click "Let's Go" to start the co-browsing session. The Associate can now navigate the the website and add items to the showroom using the add to showroom button. 
  6. Try Switching Control from the Associate to the customer. 
  7. Open the Showroom again and review the items you added in Co-shopping. 
  8. Open Checkout again as. prompt from the associate or the link as the customer. At this point the customer will have 2 tabs open, one with Hi Touch and one with the checkout form. 
  9. End the session.

You’re now a Hi Touch pro!