Do I need to hire staff?

Not to start. Larger retailers likely have full time support or associate staff that can easily be trained on Hi Touch. Smaller retailers can use our calendar availability tool to limit conflicts and maximize time with your most valuable customers.

Will it be overwhelming?

We believe customer engagement is critical for every business but in retail it means more conversions and happy customers. We built Hi Touch booking so customers can choose times that work for them and associates can maximize time with customers. Let the software do the work and the rest will fall into place.

Why not just use Zoom?

Hi Touch is designed specifically for retailers to deliver the best virtual shopping experience. We have included co- shopping, which allows the associate to use the full catalog on the website. Hi Touch additionaly evolves online shopping with a dynamic virtual showroom and facilitated check out. Using Zoom or FaceTime for your consumer shopping sessions only provides a video connection with screen share. It is totally separate from your e-commerce store and requires the customer to use a 3rd party app rather than connecting on your website.

What are some of the main use cases?

Our most popular use for Hi Touch is virtual stylist sessions booked by the customer on your website. However, some of our beta customers are testing on-demand real time access to customer support, inviting VIP customers to shop live, customer return support and general clienteling.

How many people can be on a call?

Right now we only support associate to consumer sessions, but we have visions for multi shopper and live streaming

Are sessions recorded?

Yes, this is one of the biggest value propositions of Hi Touch. We are able to record audio/video and connect it to products viewed on your website. In the near term you can use the recording for quality assurance. Long term Hi Touch recording can provide valuable data and short clips of customer reaction to products you carry.

Does Hi Touch work on mobile?

Currently associates will need to be on a computer, but customers can join on their second mobile device compatibility. Associates can also invite an additional participant to show another camera angle, which can be on mobile.