By connecting your personal calendar the Hi Touch software will make sure customers can't book if you already have something on your calendar. Hi Touch will also add sessions booked by customers to your calendar so you know your schedule. 

  • Sign into your Hi Touch admin account
  • In the settings section, confirm you are in the correct profile or add a new profile. NOTE: each admin sign in has their own associate profile and their own calendar booking!
  • Click on settings > Scheduling
  • Select your local time zone and desired session duration (we suggest :20, :30 or :45)
  • Setting your availability: There are 2 functions for setting your availability:
    • General daily availability based on day and time windows. "Daily available time"
    • "Connect a Calendar" using Google Calendar allows your availability to be updated in real time. Using this tool will remove available times if you have something on your personal calendar. It will also add scheduled sessions to your calendar so they are always in sync. NOTE: when you sync your calendar YOU MUST CHECK "See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar." You will know it has been done correctly if you see the Gmail card in the admin.